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Portable container storageOne of our most requested services outside of residential and commercial moving is our portable self storage options. If you are in the market for storage in Barnstable County or anywhere in the Southeastern Massachusetts area, look no further than Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage. In addition to all of our other services, we operate as a mobile storage company in MA, providing quality options for Cape Cod portable that can be used in a number of beneficial ways. Some of our clients use portable storage to help facilitate a move, serve as a temporary storage solution, or use it as a holding space for remodeling, renovations or organization.

Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage understands that the needs of our clients can be diverse, which is why we have partnered with the two top portable self storage brands in the industry. We offer options from both United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit, Inc., which have come together to create United Mayflower Container services, as well as Go Mini’s Containers, which are also very popular nationwide. Homeowners, business owners, contractors and managers can take advantage of these popular storage solutions right here South Mass.

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Some of the biggest reasons why clients choose to use our United Mayflower Container Services storage in Barnstable county is that they offer low monthly rates, lots of space and tons of convenience. These sturdy containers are available within our 100-mile delivery range right here in Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod. They can be used for short-term and long-term storage, as well as serve as a temporary solution for safeguarding belongings or assets.

United Mayflower Containers are used by medical offices to hold excess equipment and medical supplies. Retail businesses use them during the holiday season to hold excess stock prior to or during a big sale. Their solid steel design and heavy-duty security latches provide extra protection against the elements and from would-be thieves, offering great protection on-site or stored at a secure location. Compared to other container storage, these units have smooth and sturdy walls that are designed to reduce nicks and scratches on furniture, as well as a weatherproof frame that is designed to keep moisture, wind and other elements out.

Some of the other purposes for using United Mayflower Containers include:

  • home renovations and remodeling projects
  • temporary storage to make room for other things on a short-term basis
  • local and long-distance self-moving solutions
  • storage space during an organization or de-cluttering project
  • overflow storage of seasonal items, including display furniture, decorations, goods, merchandise and other stock items

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The most well-known mobile storage company in MA or anywhere else in the US today is Go Mini’s. You can see their portable self storage containers just about everywhere, including residential, commercial, corporate and industrial areas. We bring the container to you are your location so you can load the storage in Barnstable county at your convenience. You can also contract a packing service to take care of the packing and loading for you. Once everything is packed up, we can either bring the Go Mini’s container to our Cape Cod portable storage facility or you can keep it safe on-site at your property.

Many clients opt to keep the storage unit on-site so it can be accessed repeatedly throughout its use. This is great for home remodeling projects, such as getting brand new flooring throughout the home. As flooring is placed in the living room, the living room furniture can be in the Go Mini’s container. It can then be brought back in and the furniture from the dining room can be stored safely while the flooring is installed in that room.

The options available through the Go Mini’s containers mobile storage company in MA are both affordable and simple, allowing clients to utilize these services to suit their own unique needs and requirements. Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage provides these options in portable self storage to meet the demands of our clients. The number of ways that these mighty storage containers can be used to your advantage is unlimited. Give us a call today for a FREE quote on Cape Cod portable storage and find out if these solutions are right for you.

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Contact Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage by calling 1-800-340-0995 to find out more about all of our portable self storage and traditional storage options. Our team can give you a FREE quote for any of our storage options, as well as for residential and commercial moving. Ask about our packing and loading service options as well and find out how much it would cost to take advantage of all of these professional services.

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