Packing Tips

Packing tips for a better movePacking supplies and services available through Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage are designed to help streamline your move while providing you with the things you need to protect your important belongings. Whether you are making a local move or relocating halfway around the globe, it is important to properly pack and secure your furniture, personal items, clothing and other things to avoid shifting, breakage and damage. Our many years of experience providing services for local and long distance moves via our moving and mobile storage company in Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod, have given us a lot of knowledge that we can share with our clients.

Choose from either a full service packing option, which includes having our team members come to your home to pack your things for you before they are moved to the new location, or a do-it-yourself packing option that requires quality packing supplies and services. We have compiled a list of packing tips that can be used to help make the packing and moving process much easier. Check with your Massachusetts residential movers coordinator to find out about any of our full service options to help simplify your move.

Basic Packing Tips

  • make loading and unloading much easier by limiting the weight of your containers, cartons and boxes to a maximum of 50 pounds
  • always wrap delicate and fragile items to ensure they are protected during the move
  • use proper packing supplies and services for local and long distance moves for best results
  • never re-use moving cartons or purchase used cartons from someone that you don’t know, they can harbor insects, mold, mildew and other pollutants
  • make sure to label each box so you can find everything when you get to the new location and tape every carton properly to prevent things from falling out during the move

Advanced Tips for a Better Move

  • begin packing as soon as you know you are moving, consider using your local mobile storage company to hold things you aren’t using or to store excess furniture for better real estate staging
  • make an “unpack first” box that contains important items for the first day at your new place, including the coffee maker, cups and coffee, toiletry items, bottled water, snacks, prescription medications and other essentials
  • try to pack similar items together to prevent things from breaking during the move
  • pair things together that belong together, including bathroom and kitchen items or clothing and toiletries
  • place heavy boxes on the bottom if stacking cartons during the move to prevent heavy things from toppling over and damaging lighter boxes
  • use specialty packing supplies and services via your Massachusetts residential movers to protect high value items like dishes, glasses, flat panel televisions, artwork and more
  • make your labeling method as simple as possible to help you find things as quickly as possible when you reach your destination for both local and long distance moves

Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage is a Southeastern Massachusetts and Cape Cod moving and mobile storage company that provides a wide variety of services for residential and commercial clients who want to make local and long distance moves. Give us a call at 1-800-340-0995 for a FREE estimate on all of our moving, packing supplies and services.

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