International Moves

International MovingAnother way that Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage has an advantage over all of the other moving companies in the Pocasset, Massachusetts area is that we are also able to facilitate international moves from the Cape. Through our international move management services and partnership with UniGroup Worldwide UTS, we are able to provide full service, global mobility management to over 200 countries all over the world and in all major cities.

We can help our residential clients with the initial planning stages of international moves, assist with packing and loading, provide support with international moving regulations and requirements, and even help with overseas transit protection. A wide variety of additional options and services can also be provided to help facilitate the international move.

Some of those other services include:

  • host country support
  • door-to-door transportation of household goods
  • pre-departure planning and logistics
  • internet-based shipment tracking
  • move management and administration
  • professional packing and custom crating

Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage has been providing the very best in residential moving services among other moving companies in Pocasset, Massachusetts. Our international move management team is unmatched in the variety of services and options available to help our clients have a successful moving experience. Our consultants work with each client on a case-by-case basis to create a truly custom moving plan that will address all of your needs for international moves from the Cape and Southeastern Massachusetts.

Global Moving Services & Support

Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage is proud to work with Mayflower Transit, Inc. and UniGroup Worldwide UTS to connect our local clients with over 300 moving specialists around the globe to provide top notch customer service and support throughout every step of the process. From full-service global mobility to overseas transit protection, support for individuals, families and commercial businesses, UniGroup Worldwide UTS has all of the tools and technology required to pull off a perfectly managed move.

Every member of our international move team has been trained in every aspect of relocation to over 200 countries. Our goal is to help clients navigate through all of the unfamiliar requirements and restrictions for international move management, based on the country they are moving to, the things they are moving and the laws that rule the process for overseas relocation. If you have any questions about international moves from the Cape or anywhere in Southeastern Massachusetts, speak with our global relocation team.

Some of the services that you can expect from Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage include:

  • consultation which includes information and documents, regulations and laws regarding insurance policies and related moving products
  • working with the local agent at moving companies in Pocasset, Massachusetts to plan international moves, confirm packing and loading dates, and facilitate all services from the point of origin
  • contact within 24-hours of any changes or new notifications regarding international move management and relocation plans
  • information packet provided with details about the destination country to help clients become familiar with the regulations, laws and requirements
  • discuss regulations and documentation regarding customs clearance
  • monitor the movement of your belongings from point of origin to destination via the UniGroup Worldwide UTS international tracking system online at 24-hours a day
  • contact client when shipment arrives to schedule a delivery date
  • provide assistance with any claims processing, if necessary, and encourage clients to complete an online survey to continue making improvements to international move management for our international moves from the Cape and Southeastern Massachusetts

Three Types of Moving Solutions

As one of the top moving companies in Pocasset, Massachusetts, we strive to provide our clients with the very best and most comprehensive services for international move management in North America. It is important to have an understanding of what type of packing materials and equipment will be used to protect your belongings and transport them during international moves from the Cape and Southeastern Massachusetts to your destination. The more you know, the more confidence you will have in the entire process. UniGroup Worldwide UTS has many years of experience working with the planning of international moves, working with overseas transit protection, customs and international regulations. They use this experience to help clients choose the best methods for transporting household goods, as well as the containers that are used to pack their belongings.

Steamship Containers – Heavy duty steel is used to make these containers, which look just like the freight trailers used on semi trucks and trains. Choose from a 20-foot container that can hold 1100 cubic feet of stuff or a 40-foot container that can hold approximately 2300 cubic feet. They hold much more than a lift-van, so they are great for bulky shipments or large shipments with a minimum of 700 cubic feet or 4,000 pounds for best results. Not every country allows the use of these containers, but when they are used they provide the best protection compared to other types of international move management containers and crating. Compared to other methods for international moves from the Cape and all of Southeastern Massachusetts, the cost for this option is the lowest, as long as the minimum requirements for volume and weight have been met.

Lift-Van Containers – These are the types of containers used to safely transport goods overseas. Lined with water-resistant paper to keep goods dry, they are constructed of plywood and feature a 2-inch by 4-inch wooden frame that has attached skids for easy fork-lift movement. The standard sizes for these lift-van containers is 185-210 cubic feet. We have the ability to custom build crates for specialty or over-size items. This is the best choice for shipments that are less than 4,000 pounds and the crates can be used for other types of storage as well, to improve the handling and customs inspections for clearance. Lift-van containers are the preferred choice of transport for countries where steamship containers cannot be used.

Air Freight Containers – This is what is used if your household goods are being transported via air. Air freight containers are made from a triple layer of corrugated cardboard and can range in sizes from 18-96 cubic feet. The larger container selections are fitted with skids for easy forklift loading and unloading. The available dimensions are restricted so they are able to pass through the cargo doors of an aircraft.

To find out more about Plymouth Rock Moving & Storage, give us a call at 1-800-340-0995. Our team can help you with a wide variety of services, including general international move management, specialty packing and crating, customs clearance and overseas transit protection. We can also assist with local, interstate and international moves from the Cape and Southeastern Massachusetts. Take a look at all of our full service and self-service moving options, rentals and storage. As an authorized Agent of Mayflower Transit, Inc., and our partnership with UniGroup Worldwide UTS, we are able to provide comprehensive moving services.

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